Rich and pineapple-y - this chilli jam has a deep complex flavour perfectly balancing sweetness, smokiness and spiciness.

Salted Pineapple Chilli Jam was inspired by how Thai street vendors serve fresh fruit. When you're on the streets of Bangkok and in need of refreshment, just around any corner you can get fresh pieces of papaya, melon or pineapple with salt flakes and chilli powder. I've tried to replicate that delicious combination of salty, spicy, and tangy in this chilli jam.



First, ripe pineapples are covered with smoked salt, then slow roasted for about an hour to caramelise. The salt unlocks natural sugars in the pineapple, which then caramelise and char creating a complex sweetness and smokiness. They're then blended with charred yellow peppers, my vinegar blend, and bird's eye chillies to create a delicious fruity chilli jam.



Heat tolerance is very individual! Chilli fans rate its heat level at 2/5, and those with more delicate tastes rate it 4/5. A bit of zing anyone can enjoy!



This one makes a great dip for East Asian food like spring rolls, tempura, or wontons. It's also great at a BBQ - a crowd pleasing fruitiness that will elevate any burger, hot dog or grilled meat.

Salted Pineapple Chilli Jam 200ml

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  • Ingredients

    Cane sugar, caramelised pineapple, charred capsicum peppers, blend of vinegars (malt, cider, balsamic), natural pectin, birds' eye chillies, smoked salt.

    Vegan ✅ Delicious ✅

    Made in a home kitchen - best effort is made to avoid contamination, but this product may contain allergens.